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Social media dimensions explored in Digital Journalism paper

Taking as starting point the nature of social media platforms, Claudia Mellado and I propose five analytical dimensions to investigate journalism on Twitter and Instagram in our latest article in Digital Journalism.

The paper, Dimensions of Social Media Logics: Mapping Forms of Journalistic Norms and Practices on Twitter and Instagram, focuses on Twitter and Instagram. It takes these as two examples of social media spaces that offer specific affordances to journalists in terms of narrative forms, textual-visual cues, and audience relations.

We de-center journalism as the primary lens for analysis by seeking to look at journalistic rules and practices through the dimensions of social media.

The analytical dimensions proposed in the paper are intended to advance research into the reinterpretations and/or redefinitions of journalist practices taking place outside of the institutional spaces of the news media.

The five dimensions are illustrated with examples from the accounts of five Chilean journalists.

Thank you to editor-in-chief Oscar Westlund and the editorial team at Digital Journalism, and to the anonymous reviewers for their thoughtful and insightful advice.

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