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New articles on AI and journalism

A new book on AI and journalism includes two contributions from me. The book is an edited volume in Spanish called Periodismo e inteligencia artificial: Aplicaciones y desafíos profesionales (Journalism and artificial intelligence. Applications and professional challenges).

It is edited by Sonia Parratt-Fernández, Javier Mayoral-Sánchez, and María Ángeles Chaparro-Domínguez. The book is open access.

I contributed the preface and co-authored a chapter on the use of algorithmic recommendation engines with Sonia Parratt-Fernández.

Here is the English-language version of the preface that was accepted for publication.

Citation for the book: Parratt-Fernández, Sonia; Mayoral-Sánchez, Javier; Chaparro-Domínguez, María Ángeles (editores) (2024): Periodismo e inteligencia artificial. Aplicaciones y desafíos profesionales. Salamanca: Comunicación Social Ediciones y Publicaciones.

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