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Paper on post-publication gatekeeping published in JMCQ

I have a new paper published in Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly. The article, “Post-publication gatekeeping: The interplay of publics, platforms, paraphernalia and practices in the circulation of news,” is part of a special issue, Advancing Journalism and Communication Research: New Theories and Concepts.

The abstract provides a summary of the paper:

The factors that shape the news that citizens are exposed to and act upon are a growing area of research. This article advances a framework to examine how issues and topics rise to prominence and gain attention following publication in a digital hybrid media ecosystem. The four elements (publics, platforms, paraphernalia, and practices) extend previous work by accounting for the actions of individuals in aggregate as publics, the impact of platforms as institutionalized spaces for news, the objects of media consumption and exposure, and the temporal and spatial contexts for practices of news circulation and consumption.

It is available online first on the JMCQ site. I am making the accepted version of the manuscript (PDF) available to those who do not have access to the journal.

I would like to gratefully acknowledge the constructive and thoughtful comments from the anonymous reviewers and the guidance from the editors of this special issue, Claudia Mellado, Myria Georgiou, and Seungahn Nah.

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