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Paper on the challenges facing journalism today

The 20th anniversary issue of Journalism: Theory, Practice and Criticism features a remarkable range of scholars addressing the many issues and challenges facing the profession.

As editors Howard Tumber and Barbie Zelizer note in their introduction:

“The challenges named by the authors in this special issue inhabit the full spectrum of journalistic values, beliefs, norms and practices. They touch upon questions of identity, with particular attention to evolving modes of occupational and professional identity. They draw out issues of trust, autonomy and legitimacy, all under siege on today’s journalistic landscape.”

I am honoured to be among the contributors, in a piece titled, The existential predicament when journalism moves beyond journalism (subscription required).

The piece looks at journalism’s existential angst at a time when fundamentals about the profession are being questioned and challenged, with questions of what is journalism and who is a journalist?

If you are not able to access the journal, you can download the accepted version below:

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