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Newsgeist lightning talk on the paraphernalia of news

I was fortunate to participate at the in-person Google Newsgeist event in Montreal, May 13-15.

The conference opened on the evening of Friday May 13 with a series of lightning talks.

My talk highlighted why we need to pay attention to the paraphernalia of news.


We need to have a serious talk about the paraphernalia of news if we want to reach and connect with audiences. Paraphernalia are the objects needed and used to stay informed and up to date. These used to be the printed newspaper or the TV. Now, they are the devices embedded in everyday life – mobile phones, voice-activated smart speakers, smart watches and more – which enable a pervasive, persistent, and perpetual information environment. This Ignite talk will reveal how the digital paraphernalia of news is transforming the media practices, acting as the new gatekeepers standing between journalists and audiences.

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